Dog lovers- Have you heard of the PAWS ACT?

A long time animal welfare advocate, Andriana Meucci is up to the challenge to spread the word about the PAWS ACT. The PAWS ACT stands for the Pets and Women’s Safety Act (H.R. 1258) and would give expansive federal protection to pets of domestic violence victims.

“As far as this bill is concerned, I would like continuing to help spread the word about its great importance to victims of domestic violence, as well as pets. Seeking publicity about The PAWS ACT through blogging, articles, websites, TV, and radio is one of my goals. Of course, pushing for this bill to become the law of the land is at the forefront of my social media campaign. I hope to inspire people to ask their representative in Congress to make this Act a law,” says Andriana Meucci.

Over 40% of women remain in highly dangerous relationships because they can not find safe haven with their pets. Most domestic violence shelters are not equipped to handle animals on site.  Moreover, pets have become such an  important part of the family and provide comfort to domestic violence victims, that leaving  them behind is out of the question.  Thus, women are at great risk of being brutalized or even face dying for remaining in the home. Pets are often used by abusers to dominate and control the family unit by threatening to maim, torture, or kill the animal if family members try to leave or disobey the abuser. In this day and age, no one should be subjected to such an horrendous situation.

Growing up I knew some friends who had violence occuring in their homes, this also came full circle in college.  She studied psychology and social work, and domestic violence orientation at school. She always wondered what was happening to the pets she saw in her friends home, because they all looked so bewildered, down-trodden, and neglected. Later on she studied homelessness, she heard of women living in the woods with their pets. And, when she became involved in rescue, stories about women living in their cars for months with their cats and dogs abounded. Adriana began speaking with social workers who run domestic violence shelters and realized the urgency of this issue, as they spoke of women calling up and begging for shelter with their pets.  “My heart was just broken in a million pieces listening to all of this and knowing how much need is out there!” says Andriana.
The good news! People can help to make a difference by a call, tweet, email, etc. to their state representatives and ask them to pass The PAWS ACT (H.R. 1258).
For more information please look at Andriana Meucci’s facebook site: Forgotten Victims of Domestic Violence and view her Youtube Video:  The Forgotten Victims of Domestic Violence.
About Andriana Meucci
She is a long time animal welfare advocate, animal rescue volunteer, and freelance writer. As a writer, I she has a broad range of interests especially in women’s issues, social welfare issues, activism, poverty alleviation, and so much more!
Source: Kitty Whoop Ass, LLC Blog

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